Seems like we've got the world talking

Ever since we started in 2014, we’ve been fortunate in gaining press coverage from all over the globe. Here’s a small sampling of the press we've received.


Rainforest Connection Aims To Use Cell Phones To Stop Deforestation

Watch the Video

National Geographic

Your Old Cell Phone Can Help Save the Rain Forest Read more

Aj Jazeera

"We can listen to the forest and pick out all sorts of stuff, like chainsaws or gunshots or even just animal noises. So even these birds here; we can start to identify them every time they make a noise", - Topher White Watch the video


Cell phones in Amazon trees alert rangers to illegal logging and record wildlife Read more


Interview with Topher on SXSW along with Nat Geo President Gary Knell and Erika Bergman, submarine pilot Watch the video


Des téléphones portables pour sauver la forêt : l'incroyable solution anti-déforestation d'un jeune ingénieur Read more